Sunday, August 25, 2013


Sometimes I really just hate the world and all the people in it (I'm obviously Hexus. Ferngully.)... maybe not all the people, but a great number. It's the stupidity of everyone that gets to me. And the immaturity. And the stupidity. I genuinely feel nauseous at the sheer vastness of stupidity. Since when was "fuck off" the epitome of wit? A sensible way to address another person's reasonable concern? (And why on earth does my device want to change 'concern' to 'donald'?) And since when did offering a new point of view (and hardly a controversial one) and some information warrant it?

What gets to me isn't that you called me a "fat slag," a "whore," a "bitch," or "stupid," it's that you think yourself so clever and witty for doing so.

There's a huge line, and a cliff, and two large rivers (one treacherous, the other filled with flesh eating water creatures) between childlike and childish, and somehow you jumped right off that cliff, and marched straight through the rivers to childish. It stuns me. I am genuinely dumbfounded. We could, y'know, address the conversation, but, no, let's just jump to calling me a condescending arsehole. Yeah, that's intelligent and relevant. And then let's not actually read what people are saying. You want to run a public page, you need to deal with the public. Appropriately and civilly.

And you think you win. Although, I suppose, in some way, you have, but only because you have stunned the intelligent so expertly that there is no possible way to crumble the wall of stupid around you. You think yourself profound. I think you profoundly thick.

No wonder the world is filled with so many misanthropists. Are they still recruiting for Mars, by any chance?

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